Monday October 5, 2020 – National Assembly Minority Whip, Junet Mohamed, has condemned Deputy President William Ruto for orchestrating the deadly chaos at Kenol in Murang’a yesterday.

Addressing the press on Monday, Junet termed the DP as “too angry, too bitter and too entitled to be President of Kenya.”

According to him, Ruto and his allies are responsible for the violence witnessed at Kenol in Murang’a County that led to the deaths of two people and left even more injured.

The MP further alleged that DP Ruto is planning to mete out the same level of violence during his much anticipated upcoming trip to Kisumu County.

“Ruto is running a dangerous narrative of hustler that intends to divide this country into the haves and the have nots.”

“Grouping the hustlers is in preparation for anarchy in this country.”

“Ruto is planning similar violence in Kisumu.”

“He has sent one Eliud Owalo to meet youth the whole weekend with the aim of causing chaos in his visit to Kisumu,” stated Junet.

“Ruto is a bitter man…he is fueling chaos with his money, he must be stopped…we condemn the violence meted out on the people in Murang’a, the violence was initiated in the name of Ruto…Ruto is too angry, too bitter and too entitled to be the President, unless we want to spoil this country…He thinks he is owed Presidency,” he added.

At the same time, he slammed churches and religious institutions for receiving what he termed as “blood money” from politicians.


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  1. I HOPE POLITICIANS WILL NOT DIVIDE OUR GOOD COUNTRY CALLED KENYA,its very sad that a law maker like you can speak like that, may God bless Kenya

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