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Saturday, October 10, 2020 – Neno Evangelism Ministry senior Pastor, James Ng’ang’a, has revealed that some senior Government officials will die before the 2022 presidential election,.

According to the controversial preacher, God is angry with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime.

In a sermon that was televised on Sasa TV on Thursday evening, Pastor Ng’ang’a, who is on a religious pilgrimage in Jerusalem, Israel, said God is angry with Kenyan leaders after they stole COVID -19 funds.

The controversial cleric expressed his disappointment over the COVID-19 scandal and castigated those involved in the scandal as ‘eating the sick’s money’.

According to Ng’ang’a, the many sufferings people went through, especially women and children, will make those who made them suffer dearly, with some paying for the same with their lives.

He noted it was sad that some individuals were stealing money when the country’s economy was sinking, while children suffering at home after schools were shut down.

Pastor Ng’ang’a predicted that it will not end well for the thieves in this country, and with the recent return of international flights, they will be jetting to India to seek medical attention but they will not return to the country alive.

“Wengine hamtafika 2022, take my word, watoto wanasumbuka, wamama wanasumbuka, government imepewa pesa kutoka nje, watu wamekuja wamekula.. Njia zimefunguliwa mtakua mnaenda kukufia India, mkitolewa figo, tutaona kile kitabaki kwa familia yako,” Ng’ang’a said.


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