Thursday, October 8, 2020 – Parents with children in some of the private schools have expressed their reservations after they were issued with three fresh demands on school fees which they must fulfill before schools reopen on Monday.

According to reports, some private schools, mostly located in Nairobi, are demanding that the parents settle their second term fees in full when schools reopen.

The schools are also demanding that parents settle first term arrears together with the second term fees arguing that they spent money to maintain the institutions even during the break necessitated by Covid-19.

Other institutions have reportedly asked that parents pay for virtual learning programmes that their children were enrolled in during the pandemic, with most schools pegging the fee at Ksh 15,000.

Some parents have lamented that the institutions threatened to deregister students who did not attend the virtual learning programmes, as they were considered to have withdrawn from learning.

However, parents have complained that the new demands are punitive with several considering transferring their children to public schools.


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