Friday, October 16, 2020 – Embattled Migori Governor, Okoth Obado, yesterday failed to turn up for a meeting where he had been invited by ODM party officials at Chungwa House.

It is alleged that Obado and the ODM officials were to discuss plans to end the planned impeachment of the Governor fronted by the party.

“The invite was a bit urgent and I had other engagements.”

“This should not be viewed as an act of defiance, and I have since communicated to the party,” Obado stated.

However, Obado was optimistic that he and the party will solve the outstanding issues amicably.

“Internal wars are everywhere, but we commit to address them.”

“We want Jakom (Raila Odinga) to fight big wars and we are committed to help him in that.”

“For the local battles, we will sort them out ourselves,” Obado added.

Last week, ODM Secretary-General, Edwin Sifuna, stated that Obado had reached out to the party and indicated that he would address concerns on service delivery that had been raised. 

Additionally, the embattled governor declared his undying support for Odinga and the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), dispelling rumours that he has joined Deputy President William Ruto’s camp.


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