Friday, 02 October 2020-Upcoming socialite, Shakilla, has revealed that she had a troubled childhood and accused her father of tormenting her when she was a child.

The notorious teen socialite, who recently shocked Netizens after revealing the number of celebrities that she has slept with, disclosed that she was brought up in a strict Muslim family.

Both her mother and father were Muslims but they separated after her dad disowned her.

Shakilla narrated in an interview how her father once threatened her with a panga and almost slashed her for failing to dress like a decent Muslim girl.

Instead of wearing ‘buibuis’ like fellow Muslim girls, Shakilla, who started being rebellious during child-hood, used to rock tight trousers, something that didn’t augur well with her father.

She revealed that she cut communication with her dad and they no longer see each other eye to eye.

The teenage socialite recently confessed that she is a flesh peddler and disclosed that men pay a lot of money to sleep with her.

She put her rate card at between Ksh 200,000 to Ksh 250,000.


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