Monday, 12 October 2020 – Diamond’s mother, Bi Sandra, worked hard to bring up her son single-handedly.

Diamond’s father abandoned them when he was a kid, forcing his mother to take the role of both mother and father.

Besides struggling to bring up her son, Bi Sandra has also supported him from the time he was an upcoming singer.

She would take him for auditions to try and see whether his talent will get noticed.

The singer recorded his first song after selling his mother’s golden ring to get money to pay for studio time.

Diamond spoils his mother with the best things in life to reward her for impacting his thriving music career.

Last year during her birthday, he gifted her a brand new Landcruiser V8.

The singer’s mother on Sunday posted photos goofing around with the monster ‘machine’ and mocked haters saying, “Mwambie na mwanao akupatie”

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