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Friday, October 30, 2020 – Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has confirmed that Kenya is going through a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking from Mombasa while updating the country on the Covid-19 situation, Kagwe warned that the positivity rate had spiked in the last week.

However, he sought to downplay the possibility of a total lockdown, saying the new measures would target businesses and institutions that fail to observe the safety measures. 

“We are essentially on some sought of the second wave.”

“On the first wave, the highest positivity rate in July was about 13% positivity rate.”

“The day before yesterday, we had a positivity rate of about 20.2%, yesterday, we were at 15%.”

“This is from a low of about 4% in the month of September. Clearly, we have an issue to deal with,” Kagwe stated.

After combating the disease for six months, Kagwe stated that measures set in the second wave would be a bit different.

“Instead of closing the entire school fraternity, you close the school that has been affected.”

“That instead of closing the eateries, you close the ones that are not following the rules so that we can still be able to salvage the economy,” he stated.

In addition, Kagwe suggested that hospitals that had previously been shut down would be reopened so that more patients would be accommodated in them.

Further, he stated that more health care workers were being sought to take care of the increased number of patients.

The Health CS also directed that every County Executive Committee (CEC) member in the counties should inform the Ministry on what was happening in the country on an hour to hour basis.


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