Sunday, October 04, 2020 – Legendary Tanzanian singer, Ray C, has taken to social media to blast Kenyan media.

For a long time, Kenyan media has been accused of denying local artists airplay, something that Ray C has condemned.

When you tune in to most Kenyan radio and TV stations, you are likely to hear foreign music, especially music from Tanzanian and Nigerian artists.

Ray C condemned Kenyan media for failing to support local artists and noted that there are so many good artists in Kenya but they don’t receive enough airplay.

She shared a music video of Otile Brown’s collabo with Sanaipei Tande dubbed, Aiyana, and noted that such a huge song proves that Kenyan artists release good music just like their counterparts from Tanzania and Nigeria.

She blamed gatekeepers in the Kenyan media for failing to promote the local artists by denying them airplay.

Jipende kwanza wewe mwenyewe halafu uwapende na jirani zako!Media za Kenya mna tabia mbaya sana!Mnapoteza muziki wenu hivihivi sababu ya propaganda za kipuuzi!Mna wasanii wakali sana sema mnajifanya kama hamuwaoni” she wrote on her Instagram page.


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