Thursday, 29 October 2020 – Milele FM presenter, Alex Mwakideu, is celebrating one year of being sober.

Mwakideu quit alcohol last year in honour of his late mother.

In an interview on Full Circle with Joyce Omondi, Mwakideu revealed how he occasionally ignored his mother’s interventions to quit the bottle.

His mother used to warn him that alcohol with destroy his life but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

“Mamangu pia alikuwa ananiambia wacha tu pombe, mimi sipendei tu unavyokunywa pombe.

“Mimi sipendi ukinywa pombe. Napenda kitu unachofanya. Napenda unavyolinda familia yako, unavyojali watu wako, pombe wacha tu.

“Haijawahi kusaidia mtu hata mmoja,” he narrated.

Mwakideu took to his Instagram page and revealed that he is celebrating one year since he became a teetotaler.

“It’s official I am ONE YEAR SOBER!!! Niendelee Nisiendelee???” the Milele FM boss posted on his Instagram page.

His close friends took to the comment section to congratulate him for the achievement.

Hii inataka celebration na chupa 18,” Jalang’o, his former colleague at Milele FM posted.

Jalang’o was referring to the single malt whisky, Glenfiddich 18, that was Mwakideu’s favorite drink before quitting alcohol.


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