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Thursday, October 1, 2020-Attorney General, Paul Kihara, has thrown a spanner into the works, by hinting that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s term might be extended to 2025, if he follows an advisory issued by Chief Justice, David Maraga, to dissolve Parliament.

On Tuesday last week, Maraga dropped a bombshell when he urged the Head of State to dissolve Parliament after it failed to enact Two Third Gender Rule.

In his submission to the High Court on Wednesday, after a petitioner went to court challenging the dissolution of Parliament, AG Kihara said the dissolution of Parliament as advised by Maraga could have detrimental domino effects due to many gaps that he pointed out in the current constitution.

The AG said the Constitution envisages that the term of a President would start after the general election where MPs are elected.

“If Parliament commences a fresh term that falls out of the constitutional date for a General Election, the same will have the effect of altering the term of office of the president as, ordinarily, a presidential election may be held only on the same date as the General Election for MPs.”

“The new Parliament will also get a fresh term of five years. Such a term may run out of the constitutional date for the conduct of the General Election of MPs, which is held on the second Tuesday of August in every fifth year,” Kihara told the High Court in his submission papers.


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