Wednesday, 21 October 2020 – A man has narrated how his jilted ex-girlfriend did the unthinkable after he chased her out of his house.

Narrating the painful ordeal on twitter, the man revealed that his ex-girlfriend sneaked back to his house and tore all his academic certificates and other important documents.

He shared a photo of his torn certificates on twitter and said, “This day is still fresh on my mind like it was yesterday. Just make sure the type of lady you get has something between their ears”

He added, “All my documents, KCPE, KCSE,undergrad and MBA, birth certs, work contracts, company documents etc.

“I chased her out of the house coz I could not be a psychotic individual who thinks life revolves around her, she sneaked back in did all that damage, this is just the basic. She did more than that and of coz she got a beating which I now think wasn’t enough.”

He concluded: “Being a man is really tough, you have to hide everything for this other gender.”


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