Monday, 05 October 2020– Classic FM presenter, Maina Kageni, was the guest at Churchill Show’s Journey Edition, where he opened up about his journey in the competitive radio industry.

The husky-voiced presenter disclosed that he ventured into radio by pure luck.

He had brought in some DJs from the United Kingdom (UK) with DJ Pinye and when they went to advertise for the event at Capital FM, they were asked for Ksh 40,000 for the voice over.

Since they didn’t have that money, Kageni did the voice-over and John Wilkins, who was the boss at Capital FM then, fell in love with his voice.

Kageni landed his first radio job at Capital FM and then moved to Nation FM.

While at Nation FM, he got a call from Radio Africa Boss, Patrick Quarcoo, who summoned him for a meeting at a city hotel.

When Kageni met Quarcoo, he gave him a job offer at Kiss 100.

The mouth-watering salary that Quarcoo promised Maina Kageni forced him to resign from Nation FM.

According to Kageni, Quarcoo gave him a starting salary of Ksh 380,000, and that was more than 15 years ago.

Currently, Maina Kageni is among the highest-paid radio presenters in Kenya.

According to reports, he earns a whooping Ksh 1.3 Million per month.


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