Wednesday, October 28, 2020 – Leader of Majority in Parliament, Amos Kimunya, on Tuesday urged Kenyans to rally behind the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report to bring most of the historical problems facing Kenyans to an end.

Kimunya, who appeared on Citizen TV, also made a bizarre revelation that surprised Kenyans across the political divide.

The Kipipiri lawmaker said that there is no recommendation of more political seats in the BBI as opposed to what many Kenyans are thinking.

“We are not creating new positions,” Kimunya asserted.

Kimunya’s revelation means that there is no creation of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers’ seats despite being proposed in the BBI document.

Here are comments from Kenyans after Kimunya lied on a live TV interview. he means that we currently have a PM and DPMs? These guys think Kenyans are fools,” Suleiman Mwangi.

“Kimunya must go,” Paul Kahuthu.

 “Why lie to us,” PK Mutua

I miss Former Majority Leader, Mheshimiwa Aden Duale” Abdalla Chris


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