Thursday October 1, 2020 – Renowned political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, has been at the wrong end of attacks from members of the Kikuyu community for saying that they can do without his wheelbarrows.

Over the last six months, Deputy President William Ruto has been donating wheelbarrows and handcarts to thousands of women and youths across the country.

Ruto’s wheelbarrow donations have generated a fierce political storm in Kenya with most Kenyans appreciating his gesture but a section of Kenyans, especially the rich, terming his move as a mere political gimmick.

On Thursday, Mutahi Ngunyi, who has been castigating Ruto’s hustlers’ movement, used an analogy to imply that members of the Kikuyu community do not need his wheelbarrows.

A Kikuyu without a wheelbarrow is like a fish without a bicycle,” Mutahi Ngunyi said.

Mutahi’s comment sparked an online backlash with members of the Kikuyu community baying for his blood for attacking the DP’s donations.

Here are some comments from members of the Kikuyu community.

For your information Mutahi, wheelbarrows are pickup to the hustlers eg our women are using for catering services, selling madodos, chapatis and githeri, etc in mijengo sites, I know dynasties cannot understand that but our hustler’s clerk knows where it pains most,” Robert Mukiri.

Am a Kikuyu and this insult tells me that there is a Kikuyu @MutahiNgunyi who doesn’t know that there are families which rely on those wheelbarrows to put food on their tables,” Simon Irungu

Mutahi Ngunyi is just an agent of the dark forces … pepo nyeusi… upate kushindwa Katika Jina La Yesu Kristu !!!,” Mwangi wa Ruiru

People say when one starts to have the “the white hair” his wisdom is likened to old wine, But you!?? When are you going to stop being primitive and realize that it is not all about Kikuyus? Hiyo wheelbarrow itabeba takataka, we need a clean nation,” John Papa


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  1. Wheelbarrow is our ”car” Mr Mutahi.Our fathers’ wealth were taken by ”tukunia” .s who happen to be your rich fathers’ who got you a job on your comleting fourth form while hustlers children wallowed in poverty.Ruto is our man come 2022—-EX TNA NYANDARUA COORDINATOR

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