Monday, 12 October 2020 – After Jowie came out of prison where he was jailed for more than one year after he was linked to the macabre murder of city businesswoman Monica Kimani, he fell in love with a lady called Ella.

Ella, a former professional model, revealed in a past interview that she met Jowie through divine intervention.

Contrary to what people thought, Jowie and Ella had not met before.

In less than 4 months of dating, they had already settled down as husband and wife.

Ella transformed Jowie after introducing him to Christ and helped him launch his career as a gospel artist.

Jowie has completely dumped his party life and turned into a family man.

He cut ties with his former boys and most of the time, he is seen spending time with his young family.

Jowie’s wife Ella posted some lovely photos spending time together and if you doubt that marriage life is beautiful, then you should see these photos.


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