Thursday, October 8, 2020 – The Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) has denied reports that Deputy President William Ruto owes it some money.

This is after reports emerged on Wednesday claiming that Ruto is yet to fully settle a Ksh.10 Million donation he promised a church in Kisii.

It is alleged that Ruto donated Ksh.10 Million to the church, but only paid Ksh.2 Million and promised to settle the Ksh.8 Million balance at a later date.

Etangi SDA allegedly wrote to the President of the East Kenya Union Conference, Pastor Samuel Makori, seeking clarity over the Ksh.10M donation.

But according to elder Ongechi of Etangi SDA, Ruto had never attended any fundraiser at the church.

“Ruto has never made any donation to our church, and if he ever made any visit to the church, I would have had information about the event.”

“Our church members give contributions, but we have never been in contact with Ruto about any donation,” he said.

Ruto’s Deputy Director of Communications, Emmanuel Talam, also denied Ruto attending the fundraiser and making such kind of donation.

Talam added that the church could have written directly to Ruto if the claims were indeed true.


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