Friday, 09 October 2020 – Jowie’s wife, Ella, left tongues wagging after she posted a controversial video that left Netizens wondering whether she is mocking Jacque Maribe.

Before Jowie married Ella, he was in love with former Citizen TV senior reporter, Jacque Maribe.

However, they broke up after he was put behind bars, following the macabre murder of business lady, Monica Kimani.

Jowie revealed in an interview that he cut communication with Jacque Maribe.

On her part, Jacque Maribe also revealed during a recent interview with True Love Magazine that she no longer sees eye to eye with Jowie.

Ella posted a video of her husband, Jowie, comparing a wife and an ex-girlfriend and if you analyze the video, then you will note that she might be throwing jabs at Jacque Maribe.

In the video, Jowie is seen holding two glasses of water.

One glass was labeled wife and the other one ex.

Anything negative he was asked, he filled water in the glass that was labeled ex (in this case Jacque Maribe).

But for all the positive things, he filled water in the glass that was labeled wife ( in this case Ella)

Ella shared the video on her Instagram page.



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