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Tuesday, 13 October 2020 – A senior manager at Housing Finance Bank is in trouble for reportedly ‘chewing’ someone’s wife.

A jilted husband wrote a threatening letter to the randy manager who is identified as Kivuta Ivan, reprimanding him for sleeping with his wife.

In the letter, the husband, who is identified as Mr. Ssozi, complains that his wife goes to work dressed like a sex worker to impress the manager.

He reveals that the manager started wooing his wife when he was a supervisor.

Their illicit affair has lasted for several years.

He further narrates how his wife and her boss meet for secret escapades in lodgings and hotel rooms.

They also fake foreign trips disguised as office trips to continue with their sexual escapades.

The man notes that his wife has abandoned her motherly duties to warm the bed of the sex-starved senior manager.

Mr. Ssozi threatens to shoot the manager for messing with his wife and further threatens to leak videos of them exchanging fluids in lodgings.

The randy manager has worked in the Kampala based bank for close to 10 years and his randy behaviors are well known.

The threatening letter was shared by popular Ugandan blogger Ritah Kagga.

Here’s a photo of the manager who is accused of chewing someone’s wife.


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