Monday, October 26, 2020 – Bahati’s controversial wife, Diana Marua, has confessed that she was once a side chick.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Diana disclosed that when she was in her early 20’s, she was involved in a secret affair with a married man.

The man would spoil her with money and pay her bills.

He had even promised to buy her a car and at some point, he suggested that they should have a kid.

Diana confessed that she knows how to play the role of a side-chick well since she has been in that situation before she got married.

As a side-chick, she knew when to call her ‘sponsor’ and when to let him have family time with his wife and kids.

The mother of two also confessed that she dated multiple men for money.

Every man that she dated had a different role to play.

There was a man for rent, clothes, shopping, etc.

Diana revealed that when she was secretly dating a married man, she used to pray to God to give her a husband.

She said that being a side-chic was not something that she was proud of and after prayers, God blessed her with a husband.

Diana has always confessed that she had a dark past before she got married to Bahati.

She once confessed that she was a heavy drunkard even when she was dating the gospel singer.

She transformed from a celebrity groupie and an alcoholic to a caring mother after falling in love with the youthful gospel singer.


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