Friday, 09 October 2020 – Former NTV Swahili reporter, Lolani Kalu, has refuted claims that he was fired unceremoniously from Nation Media Group.

Speaking during an interview on Bonga Na Jalas on Thursday, Lolani revealed that he willingly retired.

Kalu said that he held discussions with NTV’s management and they had a mutual agreement.

According to the seasoned reporter, who has been in the media industry for more than two decades, he was given a good package by his former employer.

Lolani added that he is still on good terms with the NMG management.

“I was not fired. We were called for a discussion following a looming restructuring in which a disengagement was mutually agreed upon.

“I accepted to retire and the management gave me a good package.

“We are still on good terms with the management” he revealed.

Kalu also rubbished rumors that he misused his money, reducing him to a beggar.

Kalu said that he invested his money in businesses that flopped.


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