Monday, October 19, 2020 – Narok Governor Samuel Tunai has broken his silence after surviving a helicopter crash on Saturday.

Speaking during an interview, Tunai thanked his stars, saying he was lucky to have survived the crash with just bruises.

He further revealed that he was lucky the crash occurred before the chopper gained altitude, stating that the accident could have been fatal had it occurred in high the air.

Tunoi narrated that after the crash occurred, his team, which involved his bodyguard, Emmanuel Mugalo, and the pilot, Marc Gross, scrambled to exit the chopper fearing that it could burst into flames.

 “It was by luck it crashed there, and I think the pilot tried to control it at that point. It could have been disastrous had it flown a few metres away from where it crashed,” he stated.

An MP who paid Tunai a visit at Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi noted that he was in good shape and had only sustained minor bruises.

“The governor is out of danger.”

“He is doing well and he is alert, the doctors have advised that he takes rest,” he stated.

The pilot disclosed that the crash may have occurred as a result of bad weather and high altitude.

The county head was on his way to a burial ceremony of the late Paul Lepore at Olenkipejus village in Melili, Narok County when the incident occurred.


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