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Sunday, 18 October 2020 – Kiss 100 presenter, Jalang’o, has revealed that he regrets posting his daughter on social media.

 Jalang’o has a daughter called Salika that he sired with his baby mama Cheptoek Boyo, a local fashion blogger.

 According to Jalang’o, he stopped posting photos of his daughter 6 years ago after he found out that he was invading her privacy.

 “I actually regret posting my daughter on social media. One, I don’t know if that is what she would have liked. Two, for her privacy’s sake, and three I don’t want people, her teachers to treat her differently because she is Jalang’o’s daughter,” the comedian disclosed.

 Jalang’o also revealed that he has a son called King Otuchi that Kenyans have never seen.

 He wished his son a happy birthday when he was hosting Kiss 100 breakfast show with Kamene Goro on Friday.

 Jalang’o further revealed that he has kids with his wife Amina Chao but since she loves privacy, they have never posted photos of their kids.

 “I have been with baby for 15 years and she doesn’t like these things sijawahi mficha and were it not for the ruracio hamngejua. She is a private person and i normally pressure her into these things. people always tell me muweke mimba eti imekuwa 2 years down the line, wangejua tuna watoto,” he divulged.


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  1. It depends on which environment you8 posting your child and which message your trying to pass to public, I always post all my 8 children, and post has message example my daughter Khayafwa I posted her on her birthday shes 11 yrs I got so many likes my relatives and friends were away like western ,Anderson uncles
    in central were happy to see her.So inategemea imepea wafacebook ujumbe gain?.

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