Wednesday, 28 October 2020 – Comedian Gilbert Baraza, popularly known as Mtumishi, has revealed that he is a reformed criminal.

Speaking in a recent interview with Dr. Kingo’ri, the witty comedian revealed that he specialized in highway robbery.

He joined crime after dropping out of school due to lack of fees.

Mtumishi disclosed that he was recruited into crime by a friend in Kawagware slums.

He joined a notorious gang of carjackers who waylaid their victims on major highways.

“Tulikua na information kama gari iko na doh tunaenda kuicarjack tunanyanganyana, but hatukua tunaua. Personally sikuwai ua, ilikua tu respect kenye unaona na ufanya kenye tunataka then sisi tuchukue kenye tunachukua tukuache,” the comedian said.

Mtumishi revealed that he was actively involved in crime for two years and disclosed that the highest amount of money that they ever stole was Ksh 5 Million.

He also disclosed that the highest amount of money that he ever received as part of his share after a robbery is Ksh 2 Million.

The comedian revealed that although he made so much money through robbery, he didn’t save anything.

He used to fly to Coast for vacations and live a lavish lifestyle after making a killing from violent robbery along highways.

Turning point.

Mtumishi revealed that he decided to reform after they were confronted by the deadly Flying Squad police unit along Kiambu Road.

He said that his gang had mistakenly attempted to steal from Flying Squad police officers.

Mtumishi says that God saved him and his gang members because the highly trained police officers only gave them a serious beating and warned them that if they ever catch them engaging in crime, they will kill them on the spot.

“One day tulicarjack gari ya flying squad hapa Kiambu road, tulimistake number plate. Na Mungu pia huwork vitu zake, it was a point of change pia kwa life yangu. So tukalalishwa chini tukatandikwa na hizi wire za stima,” said Mtumishi.

He quit crime after he almost lost his life along Kiambu Road and started doing menial jobs.

Mtumishi has previously worked as a barber and a mortuary attendant before he ventured into comedy.

Watch the full interview below.


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