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Thursday, 08 October 2020 – Dennis Mugo, who is popularly known as OJ, has narrated how his marriage crumbled after he turned into an alcoholic.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, the once-famous actor, disclosed that fame got into his head and instead of investing, he became a slave of the bottle.

OJ said that when his wife gave birth to their son Ethan, he was addicted to the bottle.

He spent most of the time hopping from one bar to another, forcing his wife to walk out of their young marriage.

He then fell into depression.

The talented actor, who is 35 years old, revealed that he regrets wasting his productive years when he was one of the most sought after actors in Kenya.

Uceleb nayo ikacome through, nayo Mimi nilikuwa Celeb big fish, Nivea sijui wako na show kuja. Na uceleb ikaingia kwa akili. Now you can imagine you are an alcoholic, you are a celebrity, kila mtu ukipita tao anakujua…but it came and went. As fast as it came as fast as it left. But as soon as it went, I went into a downwards spiral…then I went into drinking, at that time nimeget my son Ethan, Baby Mama. Siku hizi ni baby mama hizo time alikuwanga wife but akaniacha Sababu ya hii alcoholism. Na depression ya jamaa kuwa top huko A-list to ground zero”. Said OJ.


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