Wednesday, October 14, 2020 – Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha announced that all students would be expected to report to school by November 2, after partial reopening on October 12. 

The Magoha-led Ministry put in place plans for the phased reopening such that there would be staggered reporting in line with the Covid-19 safety rules.

However, Magoha is now concerned with the large number of students who will be confined in the schools when they all report back. 

According to sources, Magoha will have to contend with the reality that Kenyan schools are overcrowded 

The average number of the student population in Kenyan public secondary schools is generally 40–59 students per class. 

The social distancing rules will be hard to enforce in such an environment. 

In secondary schools, the crowding will extend to dining halls and dormitories where students are usually left to themselves. 

Only yesterday, just a day after the first batch of high school students reported, Kenya reported a spike in Covid-19 cases with 318 testing positive in the last 24 hours.

Months ago, when the country was registering the same number of cases, Magoha had declined to reopen schools, citing the safety of students.

The CS will be at pains to explain why with the rising number of reinfections, the Ministry has embarked on the resumption of learning. 

Some parents have also expressed unwillingness to send their children back to school with the threat of a second wave of Covid-19. 


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