Thursday, October 29, 2020 – Kiss 100 radio presenter Kamene Goro, has lashed out at Malindi MP, Aisha Jumwa, after it emerged that she has been dating her bodyguard for 6 years.

Airing her views on Kiss 100 breakfast show, Kamene said that she was shocked and disappointed at the same time after learning that Aisha Jumwa was having an affair with her long-serving bodyguard, Geoffrey Otieno.

“I am disappointed with Aisha Jumwa because the man she is dating already has a wife.

“My problem is that the duty to protect a marriage is upon a man but most don’t do that.

“If you wanted all sorts of ladies, why get married, “Kamene posed.

Aisha Jumwa’s love affair with her bodyguard came to the limelight recently during a hearing of a murder case that they are facing.

The court heard that although Aisha’s bodyguard is married with two children, he has been dating the vocal MP for 6 years.

It was further revealed that the heavily built bodyguard stays at Aisha Jumwa’s Lavington house anytime he is in Nairobi and when at the Coast, he stays at her house in Malindi.

Geoffrey still communicates with his wife who is reportedly unemployed and provides for their kids but he spends most of the time with Aisha Jumwa.


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