Tuesday, 27 October, 2020 – Kenyan actress Nyce Wanjeri, also famously known as Shiru of Auntie Boss, has revealed how she was forced to beg for 200 hundred bob during the lockdown that was necessitated by the corona virus pandemic.

The mother of one, revealed this on her YouTube channel to comedian MCA Tricky.

She said she had no option left and had to beg in order to feed her daughter because things were really thick.

Being someone who is on the limelight, she was worried about what her fans and friends would say but circumstances pushed her to the wall.

“I won’t lie, there was a time we almost went hungry.”

“I would call a friend and ask for Ksh 200 only.”

“We don’t talk about such things because sometimes you feel like you are embarrassing yourself for asking for help.”

“But when you have a baby, they have to eat so you have to put your pride aside and ask for help,” Wanjeri said.

She also added that things are now changing for the better since the president uplifted the lockdown and the curfew hours were relaxed.

‘As per now, we thank God.”

“I have food in the house and when I have enough for us I give out to the people who are struggling,’ said Nyce.


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