Friday, October 2, 2020 – There was drama yesterday, when embattled politician, Ekuru Aukot, stormed the offices of Thirdway Alliance Party in Lavington, accompanied by 20 goons.

This is after he was unceremoniously expelled from the party which he single-handedly founded because of corruption.

According to the Thirdway-Party Alliance Secretary-General Frederick Okango, the expelled party leader sought to access the office despite a court order barring him.

“He (Aukot) stormed the offices with 20 goons who were armed trying to access the office against the court order because he was expelled.”

“There was an altercation,” he stated.

Okango stated that the altercation resulted in some damages on the premises with the goons damaging the gate.

“We told them that unless they have a court order, we will not give them access to the office,” he added.

Okango claimed that the former party leader issued threats to the members who had locked the offices.

“He was demanding to enter the office to take his things against a court order.”

“He is not welcome here as he is not a party member,” Okango stated.


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