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Tuesday, October 6, 2020 – Amid the explosive Jubilee Party fights, pitting President Uhuru Kenyatta faction against Deputy President William Ruto’s, it has emerged that one Nelson Dyuya, is the man at the center of the storm in Jubilee

Nelson Dzuya, who also happens to be the chairman of the troubled Jubilee Party, is the man who everybody has overshadowed, yet he is not complaining.

Few can place a finger on the mugshot of the man whose latest move to recommend the removal of Ruto as Deputy Leader, has rattled the rank and file of the party.

As his Deputy, David Murathe, hogs all the limelight, and Secretary-General, Raphael Tuju, issues all the statements, Dzuya sits pretty at the top of the power matrix, doing the bidding for the party leader.

In an interview, Dzuya explained that he did not like much publicity and that was why he had not engaged in the political fireworks, instead choosing to concentrate on his work of running party affairs.

In fact, it was Dzuya who chaired meetings where the plot to kick out Ruto and his allies from their party positions was hatched.

He is effectively the small axe bringing down the big trees in the President’s party.

Through his silent chops, disbelieving former Majority Leaders, Aden Duale and Kipchumba Murkomen fell. 

“At his beckoning, nominated senators in the party froze in fear of separation with power.

And now, he has scaled it further, taking on his boss in the hierarchy of the party.

Unlike Ruto, Dzuya has a permanent office at the contested Jubilee headquarters.

According to Tuju, Dzuya is never in the public light but he is firm in his execution of duties and complete charge of Jubilee Party.

“He is not a peripheral figure, as some may want to argue.”

“Only that as per our constitution, it is the secretary-general who is the mouthpiece.”

“The chairman will chair the meeting, which he does, then leaves me to talk,” says Tuju.

 “The chairman convenes the meetings if I don’t do.”

“But importantly, he is in charge of ensuring party discipline among its members.”

“Any disciplinary matter has to be brought to the party through his attention and he is in charge of ensuring anyone who needs to be disciplined is reprimanded”. 

However, Tuju’s Deputy, Caleb Kositany, dismisses the assertion that Dzuya is firmly in charge of the party, terming him a mere spectator in the operations of Jubilee.

Dzuiya is a co-signatory, with Tuju, for many party bank accounts and also documents such as nomination certificates.


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