Sunday, October 4, 2020 – Jubilee Party Secretary-General, Raphael Tuju, on Friday announced that Deputy President William Ruto is no longer welcome to the party headquarters, a day after he stormed the Pangani offices with over 30 MPs.

Tuju noted that Ruto ceased to be Deputy Party Leader the moment he sanctioned the opening of the Jubilee Asili Centre.

The SG also described Thursday’s events at party headquarters as an “attempted coup” in the absence of President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is in France on official duties.

Following Tuju’s statement, Ruto, on Saturday, responded to him, albeit subtly.

He told Tuju that Kenyans are not interested in political parties’ fight or how to share power but they are interested in politicians who can help the poor and vulnerable, especially during these hard economic times.

“The time to walk the talk of the hustler narrative is now. This is not time to share power but time to empower the vulnerable. It is about sharing positions and forgetting the ordinary citizens. We have to continue with this wheelbarrow conversation” Ruto said.


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