Thursday, 29 October 2020 – Popular Papa Shirandula’s actress, Wilbroda, has revealed that she was in a violent relationship that forced her to pack and leave in the middle of the night.

Speaking during an interview with Joyce Gituro, Wilbroda narrated how her baby-daddy mistreated her and turned violent towards her and their son.

According to the witty actress, she fell pregnant within a year of dating and as soon as she became pregnant, her man turned into a chameleon.

She narrated how her violent baby-daddy would shout at her in front of her nanny and her son.

He would treat her like an outcast and despite putting a brave face on TV when she was acting, she was going through hell back at home.

The actress revealed that there’s was a time her baby-daddy kicked her out of their house at 4 AM and this was when she decided to end the toxic relationship.

Wilbroda revealed that the late Papa Shirandula helped her when she was kicked out by her baby daddy.

The man pleaded with her to come back home and promised to change his behaviors but she was not ready to mend fences with him.

Wilbroda revealed she is currently single and if she will fall in love again, she must date a man who has the ‘X factor’ that makes him stand out from the rest of the male species.

Wilbroda further said that any man who is planning to date her must be financially stable.

Listen to her speak.


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