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Monday, 19 October 2020 – The father of the late comedian Othuol Othuol has confirmed that his son was a slave of the bottle.

Speaking during Churchill Show Journey Series, the comedian’s father revealed that he had warned his deceased son that alcohol will mess up his life but he didn’t take the warning seriously.

Othuol’s father revealed that every-time his son visited the village, he used to camp in chang’aa dens and urged young people to stop destroying their lives with alcohol.

“We had a lot of problems with his drinking style. I would urge young people to tread carefully. People have drunk until they are even 100 or 90 years and are still strong because were cautious but not careless. If you do it carelessly, then you become careless with your life”, he said.

Othuol’s father added that his son’s love for the booze was a concern to the family.

“His drinking was a concern to the family. Whenever he would come home, the whole home would be full…chang’aa (local brew) and other drinks. He arrives in the village in the morning but i’d see him in the night when he is going to sleep. Just from one chang’aa den to another and I could go round making noise nyinyi mnaharibu watoto wa watu but he was a grown-up so hakuna mtu anamuharibu” he added.

He tried to warn the deceased comedian to shun the bottle and focus on his life but his warnings fell on deaf ears.

I called him one day and told him if you want to commit suicide with drinking please tell me and the style you want to take. If you want to commit suicide with drinking carelessly, don’t take time, better take a rope and do it. I’ll come to carry you home. I thought he could go slow… during the time he was diagnosed with tb, i sent a brother to go and take care of him but he said “no this is my hoúse. If you talk about my drinking and the money is mine, then hatutaelewana,” he further said.


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