Wednesday, October 7, 2020 -Jubilee Party Vice Chairman, David Murathe, has laughed off remarks by Deputy President William Ruto, who said the Government is sponsoring violence in his rallies to paint him as a violent leader.

Speaking in Githurai on Sunday, after attending a chaotic meeting in Murang’a, Ruto said some senior people in the Government are bribing youths to cause chaos in his rallies.

“They threw teargas at a church, where a whole Deputy President was worshipping. So I ask them: Even if you despise me this much, can we at least respect the seat that these people gave me?” he asked.

But Murathe, in response, insisted that Dr. Ruto has been provoking the President, wondering why the DP’s church Harambees were only mostly in Mt Kenya and “the DP does not have these shenanigans in his backyard.”

 “Let the DP go into Rift Valley and hold these church Harambees. We don’t want violence in the Mt Kenya region,” Murathe said.


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