Tuesday, 27 October 2020 – Former Churchill show comedian, Zainabu Zeddy, has revealed that she has turned into hawking after quitting the popular comedy show.

The witty comedian caused a stir sometime back after she accused Churchill of misusing comedians and disclosed that a lot of comedians who appear in the comedy show are battling depression.

Zeddy shot from the hip on her social media pages after going on a ranting spree and named director Jblessing and producer Victor Ber as some of the people who frustrate comedians in conjunction with their boss Churchill.

Zeddy has now revealed that she hawks cookies to pay bills after quitting the Churchill Show.

She said that she gets a lot of support from her comedy fans in her new business venture.

She also distributes the cookies to less privileged families for free.

“I would want to thank my followers who buy my cookies and also request me to give the snacks for free to those families incapable of making ends meet,” Zeddy said.

She also revealed that apart from hawking cookies, she has partnered with corporates to engage in philanthropic activities.


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