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Tuesday, 06 October 2020– Popular local actor Dennis Mugo, who is commonly known as OJ, has disclosed how he squandered all the money that he made from Tahidi High and other endorsements after he turned into an alcoholic.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, OJ, who is raised by a single mother, revealed that he started taking alcohol while in Form 3 and he is the perfect example of the Swahili proverb that says, “Asiyefunzwa na mamaye hufunzwa na ulimwengu”.

“Along the way, I learnt alcoholism and smoking. I started smoking in Form 2 and in Form 3, I started taking alcohol. From chang’aa to anything I would get along,” he said.

OJ said that he made a lot of money while acting at Tahidi High show and through advertisement and endorsements from big companies, but he wasted all the cash on alcohol.

“I made my first million, but what did I do with it? Nothing, Do you ever look at your friends and get jealous of their growth, especially when you look at where you are and how focused they were back then?” the 35-year-old actor quipped.

He disclosed that he made his first million before fellow actors like Abel Mutua, but they have made great progress in life while he is still struggling.

The talented actor regrets that he didn’t invest his money wisely.

“I didn’t invest well because of bad habits, which till today hit me, I got to a point I fell into depression. I could cover it with alcohol, humor, and cigarettes. The celebrity mentality got into my head. I was a big name and the fame left as fast as it came. After the show ended, I started to wonder why the people who were calling me for jobs were not looking for me anymore,” he added.


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  1. By the way what lesson does tahidi high have to our young generation? I believe JO got this habit of drinking through the acting at tahidi high.

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