Saturday, October 10, 2020 – Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has appealed to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga not to let President Uhuru Kenyatta’s corrupt Government taint his good name.

In the letter posted on his social media pages, Sonko claimed that Raila had let his guard down since the handshake between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta in March 2018.

He lamented why Raila was yet to comment on the unfortunate incident in Kibera where Uhuru’s bulldozers descended on the poor people’s houses and flattened their business premises.

Even though he insinuated that Raila is likely to become President in 2022, he warned him to divorce Uhuru’s corrupt system, otherwise, it might spoil the party for him.

“Baba Raila Amollo Odinga, Kenyans, especially the poor, used to believe in you as a leader who defended the rights of the oppressed.”

“You have very high chances of becoming the next president but do not let the system corrupt your mind.”

“With a lot of pain and bitterness let me say this, Article 40(4) of our Kenyan Constitution must apply before demolitions and evictions of this nature are carried out,” an excerpt of Sonko’s letter reads.

Sonko reminded the ODM leader that he was forced to sign away key Nairobi functions to Uhuru’s National Government and warned that the Government would jeopardize Raila’s bid to become President come 2022.

“Baba I respect you so much and I have to warn you that the system might do to you what it did to me.”

“The system will support someone else’s bid for presidency and not my friend hustler.”

“Mark my words, Baba,” he concluded.


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