Monday, October 19, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto has criticized some Jubilee and ODM leaders hiding behind the ‘deep state’, saying that as Deputy President, he is aware of all systems of Government.

Speaking in Meru over the weekend, Ruto moved to deconstruct the so-called ‘deep state’ and the ‘system’, saying they are a bunch of fools who keep on giving Kenyans some false hope.

“The system you hear about is for fools.”

“They operate like witchdoctors, they have a concoction, light some fires and when smoke brews, they give hope they are the final.”

“I am confident we will change this nation.”

“I know what I am saying,” Ruto said.

According to Ruto, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake buddy, Raila Odinga, are hiding behind the ‘system’ and ‘deep state’ after failing Kenyans.

He accused the two of being clueless and using the police and other state machinery to intimidate him.

“When you defeat them in ideas and brains, they turn to war.”

“They have no idea on how to take this country forward.”

“They are now using police.”

“Why all these threats?”

“Why excess force?”

“Sell your policies to Kenyans,” Ruto stated.


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