Wednesday, October 21, 2020 – Julius Gitau, the missing Thika businessman, was heavily indebted and his marriage was on the rocks before he mysteriously disappeared.

According to Gitau’s mother, things were getting hot at home due to bad blood between his first wife Lucy Wahu and her co-wives, Rachel Muthoni and Celina Nelly.

Auctioneers were also threatening to auction their businesses due to heavy debts.

Gitau’s mother revealed that her son was going through mental torture.

He had rushed to his mother’s home on September 20th to seek emotional support 

“Gitau told me that he was having problems with his suppliers. Five firms had even started sending auctioneers to his two general merchandise shops in Thika town, an issue that had embarrassed him. My son was going through mental torture,” she said.

Gitau left his mother’s home at midnight and promised to call in the morning.

“His confessions troubled me. I thought of selling part of our family land so Gitau could settle some of his most pressing debts. I called him at around 7.30 am and we spoke for a few minutes. I cannot tell whether he was in his second or first wife’s home, or elsewhere. I wish I had asked him because this would have given us a starting point in this long and anxious search for him,” she added.


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