Sunday, October 25, 2020 – City socialite, Corazon Kwamboka, has accused Frankie’s jilted baby mama, Maureen Waititu, of threatening her life.

Ranting on her Instagram page, Corazon alleged that she was forced to move out of a house that she had bought in Nairobi after Maureen Waititu started driving there in the middle of the night to threaten her.

Corazon said that he vacated her house and went into hiding since Maureen had evil intentions.

The socialite further said that Maureen has been insulting her innocent baby using unprintable words just because she sired a kid with her baby-daddy.

“Only a sick person can insult a baby calling him a name so despicable I can’t even talk just because I had him with their ex. One day I’ll open my mouth,” she ranted.

Corazon added that Frankie has done everything possible to make sure that he is co-parenting well with Maureen Waititu after they broke but his efforts have not yielded any fruits.

Below are screenshots of Corazon Kwamboka blasting Frankie’s baby mama Maureen Waititu.


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