Friday, October 09, 2020 – City socialite, Pendo, is in hot soup after she failed to pay a bill of Sh 208,000 at the English Point Marina hotel.

Pendo, who came to the limelight after she was caught in a scandal with Willy Paul, was arraigned at a Mombasa court on Friday.

The court heard that Pendo accumulated a total bill of Sh 330,000 during her stay at the lavish hotel.

She was only able to pay Sh 145,000.

She pledged to pay the remaining amount within two days.

However, she didn’t honor the pledge.

The socialite was blocked from leaving the hotel until she pays the amount in full.

She was detained at the hotel for two weeks and the bill continued to accumulate.

Efforts by the hotel management to recover the money bore no fruits.

The matter was reported to the police and she was arrested and then taken to court.

According to reports, Pendo arrived at the hotel in the company of an unidentified man.

They spent a few days together at the high-end hotel before the man abandoned her.

She was arraigned before Resident Magistrate David Odhiambo at the Shanzu court in Mombasa.

She denied the charges and was released on Sh 100,000 bond or an alternative cash bail of Sh 35,000.

She was ordered to pay the money she owes the hotel before March 15, 2021, when the case will be heard.

Here are photos of the socialite in court.


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