Sunday, October 18, 2020 – Kikuyu Community elders under the flagship of Kiama Kia Ma have distanced themselves from last Saturday’s visit to Raila Odinga’s Bondo home by men disguised as Kikuyu council of elders.

Speaking in Limuru on Saturday, the over 200 elders disowned those who went to Bondo and dismissed them as mercenaries for hire out to cause confusion and divisions among the Kikuyu community.

They said they were not aware of the function, and those who went had their agenda, adding that there is a distinct difference between Kikuyu elders and the Kikuyu council of elders.

Led by their King,(Muthamaki) elder Thiong’o wa Gitau, they said that Kiama Kia Ma is apolitical and only engages in cultural activities and seeking God’s intervention during calamities.

He denied claims by the organisers of the council of elders’ tour that he was to attend the event terming the allegations as both malicious and misguided.

Muthamaki said Kikuyu community elders do not go to other communities to endorse other people.

“As a leader of Kikuyu elders, I cannot go. Elders are there to advise the community, but not to go to other communities’ political events” he noted.


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