Tuesday, 27 October 2020 – A young Kisii lady, who lives in the US, has stunned Kenyans after it emerged that she is playing a key role in Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Esther Ongeri is the Director of Special Projects in the Biden 2020 campaign.

She has served in the position since July.

Previously, she worked as the Executive Assistant to the Campaign Manager and Special Projects Coordinator in the same campaign team from June 2019.

The young brilliant lady is an alumnus of Saint Peter’s University in New Jersey.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in political science and government from the American University.

A sneak peek into her LinkedIn profile reveals she is very experienced in matters to do with politics.

Between May 2016 and July 2017, she was a staff assistant to New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez.

She started as an intern at the Senator’s office before she landed a job in the same office after completing her internship.

A few days ago, former IEBC commissioner, Dr.Roselyn Akombe, praised Esther on her Twitter page and said she is proud of her.

“Proud of this daughter of ours, Esther Ongeri, who we have seen grow up in our Jersey City Community. Milka, you have done well to give Esther the space to pursue her dream in political science both at University and now with the Joe Biden campaign. Bravo!” she wrote.

Esther is truly an inspiration to young ladies.

See her photos.


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