Sunday, 25 October 2020 – A few days ago, celebrity gym trainer, Frank Kiarie, who is popularly known as FrankJustGymIt, took to social media and accused his baby mama, Maureen Waititu, of denying him access to his two little sons.

Frankie’s son Lexxie turned 5 years a few days ago and although he would have loved to join him in the birthday celebrations, his baby mama refused to cooperate.

This forced him to send his son a birthday message through his Instagram page and revealed how Maureen is creating a barrier between him and his biological children.

But Maureen insists that Frankie is just looking for sympathy on social media.

She insisted that Frankie is a dead beat father who doesn’t support his kids in any way.

She informed her baby daddy that crafting beautiful social media posts dedicated to his two sons won’t bring food on the table.

According to Maureen, she doesn’t remember the last time that Frankie bought clothes or even a cheap toy for his kids.

Maureen added that Frankie doesn’t even bother to know where she relocated to after Frankie’s family kicked her out of their family home in Westlands

“Frankie doesn’t even know where we live, he has never bothered to know. It’s sad he had to use a platform to wish my son a happy birthday and dragged my name into it, only for me to be trolled and attacked.

” When he was leaving home, I requested him to buy a small phone for his son Lexxie so that they would be able to communicate.

“And to make things easier, I even allowed that he calls our nanny and check out on the kids’ welfare if at all he didn’t want to communicate to them through me.

‘Ask him the last time he bought clothes or even toys for our kids” she posed.

“I don’t want pity. I am just tired of being dragged down by someone when I have done nothing.

“I am speaking up so that women suffering like me can also get the courage to speak up.

“Putting long beautiful posts on social media doesn’t feed the kids.

“Even if you don’t love me, at least respect our kids, “she added.


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