Friday, 23 October 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta stunned Kenyans on Thursday during a development tour of Kisumu, after he said that if his wife Margaret agrees, he is ready to marry a second wife from the Luo-land.

Just a day after the Head of State confessed his love for Luo women, controversial singer Akothee now says that she is ready to get married to the President as a second wife.

The single mother of 5 took to her Instagram page and said that she is fit to be the President’s second wife.

Akothee said that she hopes the First Lady will permit the President to marry another wife so that she can take the position of a second wife.

“I heard The President is looking for a woman in Nyanza, single mothers what do you think 🤣🤣, where is this tea being served? YOu mean I just passed Le PREZIDA IN kisumu just like that ? My fans semeni kitu ndio, Mama akiulizwa akubali tuchukuwe position, akitoka PREZIDA tunaingia 2022,” Akothee said.

“I am coming fully loaded with milions of followers’’ she added.

Here’s a screenshot of what Akothee wrote on her Instagram page after Uhuru declared that he is ready to marry a second wife from the Luo-land if his first wife Margaret agrees.


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