Friday, 23 October 2020 – An unidentified Kenyan has been spotted driving an expensive American muscle car as some of you complain how coronavirus pandemic has dented your pockets.

According to data released by Kenya Motor Vehicles Industry Association in June, the demand for high-end cars increased this year compared to the previous years despite the outbreak of the coronavirus that has led to an economic slowdown.

This means there are a few Kenyans who are still swimming in money and importing expensive cars that we see in high budget Hollywood movies and Mexican soap operas.

The flashy Ford Mustang that was spotted on one of the roads in Nairobi left passers-by and other motorists breaking necks.

Ford Mustang is an American car that is manufactured by Ford Automobiles Company.

The luxurious car that has a V8 engine is known for its speed and comfort.

See photo.


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