3 slot games that confirm Simon Cowell as a cultural icon

Simon Cowell has made an impact on our cultural lives that is almost incomparable to any other person. Creating shows that have enjoyed billions of viewers and spreading the success of his franchises to almost every country on the planet, Cowell is a true success story. That career path has seen his shows re-imagined as some of the most recognisable slot games ever seen, including the three mentioned below.

Britain’s Got Talent

After America’s Got Talent came Britain’s Got Talent, as Cowell spread the successful format around the globe. Sensing a gap in the market for a reality show with a wider scope beyond singing, Cowell launched the American show in 2006, with the British show arriving a year later.

The Britain’s Got Talent Superstar game is popular among those who enjoy playing bingo online and slots in general, with the game including a cast of aspiring stars including a ‘tricky dog’, a ‘singing granny’, and an ‘Irish dancer’. The show is still active now, and contestants have ranged from organised dance groups, to comedians, all the way through to death-defying stunt performers.


After the initial success of Pop Idol and the expansion around the globe including American Idol, Cowell knew that he needed to keep things fresh if he were to achieve long-term success. As a result, he launched X Factor in 2004 on the screens in Great Britain. Another singing competition, the goal was to find a new superstar each season who has ‘the X Factor’.

Winners of the show included Leona Lewis and Little Mix, and ultra-famous boyband One Direction also formed on the show – they didn’t even win! The show was a roaring success, and it is perhaps unsurprising that the show was considered popular enough to be the inspiration for a slot game. Hosting an impressive dot matrix display, the X Factor slot is popular with fans of the show, who have been left wanting after it was canceled in 2018.

American Idol

Probably the most famous of all the shows that Cowell has created, the first-ever series of American Idol exploded onto our screens with Kelly Clarkson crowned as the winner, with Clarkson launching a successful career off the back of her stunning success. Initially launched in 2002, the show is still running, and at one stage in the mid-noughties was pulling in television audiences of 36 million.

The American Idol slot game was released in 2012, and immediately made a strong impact on the online betting and gaming scene. A dream for diehard fans of the show, the slot game features famous contestants who have graced our screens, as well as featuring facts about the show.


Fans of Cowell are always on the lookout for a new way to enjoy his shows, particularly considering the X Factor and other shows have been canceled in recent years. As a fan, the slot games mentioned are a perfect way to feel as though you are involved in the show as a contestant.

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