Friday September 25, 2020 – Sharlet Mariam Akinyi has voiced her frustrations after Deputy President William Ruto and his allies dumped her and opted to support Feisal Bader for the Msambweni by-elections. 

The Parliamentary aspirant dared Ruto to campaign for another contestant, but be prepared to lose to her as she was keen on clinching the seat.

In a video shared online, Mariam declared that she will contest on an independent ticket after Jubilee shortchanged her. 

“Mwanamke amejitokeza na anafinyiliwa chini. Mimi nasema ivi, niko tayari kupambana na wanaume. Dynasties or no dynasties…mimi niko tayari kupambana na wanaume.”

“It is so sad that a woman is repressed when she stands out to fight for an equal right. I am ready to face all men. Dynasties or no dynasties,” she stated.

Mariam added that Ruto had betrayed her by showcasing double standards.

She stated that the DP had promised to support the poor in Msambweni through her, but left her hanging out to dry. 

Asked whether she was aware that the DP was supporting Feisal, the visibly bitter Mariam lamented that she was a victim of the row between ODM leader Raila Odinga and Ruto.

Mariam quit ODM to join Ruto’s bandwagon with the hope of running on a Jubilee ticket and succeeding the late Suleiman Dori who passed away in March 2020. 

The by-election is Ruto’s tactical approach of testing waters ahead of the 2022 elections.

Analysts widely expect him to vie against Odinga in 2022. 


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