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Saturday September 5, 2020 – Renowned political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, wishes the earth would open and swallow him after his tweet against Deputy President William Ruto backfired badly.

On Friday, Ngunyi, who is among analysts hired by the deep state to attack the Deputy President online, tweeted that Ruto is going nowhere without President Uhuru’s support.

According to Ngunyi, it is misleading for Ruto to think that he was going to succeed in 2022 without the support of Uhuru, who according to him, commands the Central Kenya (Kikuyu) votes.

Ngunyi observed that the Kikuyu nation, in 2017, gave the Jubilee Party about 6 million votes against William Ruto’s Kalenjin nation, which he claimed gave the party a mere 1.4 million votes.

“Without KIKUYUS, DP Ruto is NOTHING. Fact. He gave UHURU 1.4 million Votes and UHURU brought in 6 million votes of his own. FACT. Murkomen is talking GIBBERISH as usual when he SAYS that Ruto made Uhuru President. ZERO. You REMOVE Kikuyus from RUTO, there will be no Ruto. FINITO,” Ngunyi said.

Ngunyi’s sentiments, however, did not auger well with members of the Kikuyu community who attacked him badly.

According to majority of Kikuyus, Ruto was still their preferred choice to succeed Uhuru in 2022, and such remarks as Ngunyi’s aren’t going to deter them from making their choice.


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