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Thursday, September 10, 2020 – After her former partner made her feel insecure and nearly had plastic surgery on her vagina, an Australian woman has started a campaign to photograph 500 women’s private parts to prove that they are beautiful.

The woman by the name Ellie Eggwick, says shefelt so bad about her vagina that she had to inquire about labiaplasty.

However, she opted against the idea after doctor advised her to do some research and she realised she was perfectly normal. 

She has now embarked on taking 500 women’s private parts to prove that all vaginas are beautiful

Speaking to Australia’s Sunshine Coast Daily, Ellie said:

“Something that is said in the bedroom with someone you are being affectionate with can affect you for the rest of your life,’

“It has definitely stuck with me and is the reason why I am doing this project. 

Adding: “As I had never seen another vulva, I had no idea.” 

“All the thoughts and nightmares of a usual teenage girl went running wild through my brain – is my vagina weird?’ Am I normal?’

“After years of self-hate with this area of my body, I eventually went to see a plastic surgeon. I was so nervous, I couldn’t even explain what I wanted.  

“He looks up at me and asked “Ellie, have you ever seen another Vulva?” I told him “I’ve seen a few but they don’t look like mine,” she explained.

The doctor convinced her that all vaginas are different and inspired her to share this message with other women. 

“What this man did at this moment saved me from cutting off half of my labia. He educated me.”

“He used nice words to tell me that not all girls have the barbie vagina.”

 “I now want to do the same for all the women out there contemplating going through surgery due to a lack of knowledge of that area on their own body,” she said. 

 “I don’t want young girls going through what I went through thinking I wasn’t normal downstairs,” Ms Eggwick explained. 


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