Wednesday, 30 September 2020 – Clout chasing teenage socialite, Shakilla, mentioned Willy Paul as one of the top Kenyan celebrities that she has slept with.

While appearing in a live Instagram interview with social media bigwig Xtian Dela, the chocolate skinned and curvy socialite, who bragged that she charges men between Ksh 200,000 to Ksh 250,000 for sex, disclosed that Pozze is among the men who have chewed her expensive goodies.

But Pozze has hit back at the teenage socialite, hinting that although she is young, her goodies lack taste after being over-‘eaten’ by different men.

In the post, Willy Paul, who shoots from the hip, hinted that he might have slept with Shakilla, since he seems to know how her goodies taste.

He fired shots at Shakilla saying,

‘Yes, she’s a teenager but what’s underneath is 97yrs. Same size as an elephant’s!!Don’t mistake my silence for weakness!’

Not long ago, Shakilla shared screenshots of Willy Paul sliding into her DM, begging to meet her.


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